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USAG is the ideal program for those who are able to reach the highest levels of competitive gymnastics and who are looking to earn full scholarship to college, to be a vital component of a National Team, or even strive to make it in the Olympics. This is the top echelon of intensity and commitment. Future USAG candidates are selected to represent all the technical skills, coordination, and body proportions expected to compete at this level. Candidates are often selected in pre-school to form groupings with other children of like talent and ability. It is rare that a child over seven will be selected for the USAG program.


Because of the high level of competition expectations certain natural limitations are imposed on these elite competitors. Those who fit the tightly regimented proportions are chosen because of their opportunity to reach the top positions in competition. We call upon our staff’s years of experience, expertise, and objective perspectives to assess the potentiality of each student in light of these strict guidelines and parameters.


Unfortunately, natural limitations predetermine an exclusion of some children from participating in the USAG program. While we fully understand and sympathize with those who do not fit this exact mold and the inherent unfairness of it, we also accept the larger unfairness of placing a child in an environment where they are not able to excel and compete at the same level within their peer group. This can be devastating to a child’s self-esteem, self-image, and self-worth. It is for this reason that we maintain our position and encourage our gymnasts to explore all levels of gymnastic inclusion from the GIJO program to XCEL program to USAG program to find the best fit for each individual. Kids should be in the group where they can be competitive, confident, and feel a sense of success among their peers.