(Summer) Tumbling


Coaches will incorporate the spring floor, rod floor, and air-track to teach students the fundamentals of proper tumbling technique and develop the body-positioning, air-awareness, and explosiveness needed to become a strong tumbler!

Class Registration

Please note, that the listed price reflects the per month tuition which depends on how many times the actual class is held that month. In addition, we require a nonrefundable annual registration fee of $120 per participant (or $150 per family). During Regular Season, students are automatically re-enrolled in the same class from month to month for your convenience. The tuition for the upcoming month is due on the 20th and it will automatically be charged to your card on file. Tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration. If there is no register or wait list link next to the desired class, the class and wait list may be full. If you have difficulty registering for a specific class, please call the front desk.

Tumbling Beginner Classes

Tumbling Beginner classes are only available to Boys ages 7yrs + or any Girls Beginner 2 level students and above. For Girls, this means they have passed the Girls Beginner 1 Evaluation. Please call or email to register. 2500C West Bradley Place (GYM B)

Evaluation Registration

Please note, each student is tested on a predetermined set of skills for each level as a group. Evaluations are conducted at a 6:1 ratio (students to coaches) and are offered at a flat rate of $15. Results are emailed to you typically the day of detailing the skills assessed, your child's strengths, and areas that need improvement.

Girls Beginner 1 Evaluation Schedule

It is important to understand that all students progress at different rates and progression depends on many factors, including but not limited to: natural ability, body type, hours of training inside the gym per week, and extra efforts they put outside of the gym. Of course, students with natural talent tend to do well initially, but training diligently and consistently is often the measure that separates average gymnasts from those that truly excel. Our highly trained and professional coaches evaluate your child for the next level. If nothing is listed below, then there are currently no Evaluations scheduled.

2500C W Bradley Place (GYM B)

Introduction (Adults)

This class is for beginner to advanced gymnasts, adults ages 18yrs +. After a short instructor-led warmup in the beginning of class, adults have the option to either break away from the group and carry on in an open-gym format or stay with the instructors to learn the steps to various exciting skills.

Class Registration (Adults)

Please note, adult class pricing does not require an annual registration fee. The pricing is as follows: Drop in $25/class. 10-Pack $200. Flat-rate Monthly Tuition $120. The 10-Pack may be disbursed to either Adult Tumbling or Adult Aerial Silks classes. The Monthly Tuition plan provides access to all Adult Tumbling classes.

Adult Tumbling Classes

Minimum age is 18+. First-Time Students must register in person. There is no Online/Portal registration for this class. 2500C West Bradley Place (GYM A)

2630B W Bradley Place (GYM A)

Additional Information