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We believe in a holistic approach to learning in an environment that will help support each student’s gymnastic career while still being able to reach high academic standards.
IK Academy believes in a multimodality approach that will encourage students to understand concepts in-depth and foster curiosity through active learning while maintaining rigorous gymnastic training schedules.

In the classroom environment, we will be using the following evidence-based practices to make sure that rigorous academic content is delivered to students in a dynamic and engaging manner.
Block Scheduling
Block scheduling is a type of academic schedule where classes meet for an extended period of time. For instance, instead of having 6-7 subject areas daily for 40-50 minutes, the students will be focusing on 4 subjects daily for a minimum of 60 minutes. This allows for a greater in depth study of content and allows for activities to take place in the classroom in addition to instruction.
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Multiage Classroom
The multiage classroom model has been used since formal education has been developed. In this model, students who are within a 2-3 year age span are taught in the same classroom with varying expectations based on academic ability. Illinois State Standards lends itself to this model based on its cyclical curriculum.
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Multi-Modality Approach
At IK Academy, a multimodality approach is used to ensure student understanding and motivate student’s participation and critical thinking skills. Each of our lessons uses visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities which follows the “see, hear, do” model.
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Test Scores
Using the approach described above, students are able to demonstrate mastery and application of content material. Most of our students scored in the 90th percentile or higher in reading and mathematics (Terra Nova, IOWA 2014-2015 school year). Our students also increase on average of 6 reading levels a year according to Fountas and Pinnell reading benchmarks (national average is 3-4 levels). Not only do our students perform well on tests, the past two years we have had students advance to the State Poetry Out Loud competition and have been published in National writing anthologies.
Jennifer Kelly
Jennifer Kelly
Jennifer is ecstatic to be a part of IK Academy and to support gymnasts to not only achieve their goals in the gym, but their academic goals as well. This program was developed based on the model of Metropolitan Schoolhouse, founded by Jennifer in 2013. Jennifer also serves as COO of Duetto Nursery and Day Schools and has been a private educational therapist since 2007.
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Ramina Isaac
Ramina Isaac
Ramina graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a Master’s degree in Elementary Education. She taught first grade at a startup charter school in North Phoenix where she researched and implemented new math and reading curriculum that is continuing to be used at the school. Last June, Ramina moved back to Chicago and was accepted into a School Psychology program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She went on and earned an additional 30 credits in the field of School Psychology where she gained knowledge on the neurological aspect of learning. She recently became a part of IK Academy and after spending a year furthering her education within the education field, Ramina is beyond excited to get back in the classroom and educate the students at IK Academy.
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The Big 10.00 College Prep Program at IK Academy
The goals of the IK Academy Gymnastics program and IK Gymnastics Team program are one and the same
Our short term goal is to continuously develop gymnastics talent, while long term we will prepare strong USAG Junior Olympic Optional gymnasts who plan to be drafted by colleges with top-tier gymnastics programs.
However, students who attend IK Academy will have additional opportunities to develop their gymnastic abilities during morning training sessions that will take the place of standard physical education. These extra sessions will be implemented using a specialized curriculum, and therefore only available to IK Academy students. Regardless of age or current level, gymnasts in this program will work with various coaches on trampoline, tumbling, and high-intensity conditioning (etc.), thus improving their overall comprehension of the fundamental skills necessary to be top-level gymnasts.
IK Gymnastics
“Expect the Best!”
9.7 or above (All - Around/Event Specialist)
“Expect the Best!”
GPA 3.8 or above, ACT 30+
We expect perfectionism
Correctly executing routine
We expect consistent and effective
execution of academic processes
Ability to accept critical feedback
Each gymnast must understand the task at hand and the “how and why” of task correction
Ability to accept critical feedback
Students must be able to accept academic critiques and use background information along with instruction to execute the “how and why” of task
Push Beyond Expectations
Our gymnasts strive for perfection and do not settle for lessa
Push Beyond Expectations
Our students are always expanding their knowledge through real-world connections to academic content
Following Rules while Fostering Individuality
Our gymnasts function within strict
boundaries while still developing as individuals
Following Rules while Fostering Individuality
Our students need to adhere to the curriculum while still having opportunities to make choices in their demonstration of understanding
Environment of Mutual Support
It is imperative to support your fellow
gymnasts in their accomplishments
Environment of Mutual Support
We foster an environment of mutual respect and encourage students to work together to complete tasks
Ability to Adjust
Varying coaching styles
Ability to Adjust
Different teaching styles, modalities and peer groups
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