GIJO or the “Gymnastics for Illinois Junior Organization” is a competitive opportunity for recreational gymnasts. This is for those who love gymnastics and love competing and the beneficial aspects of the sport without expecting to make it a career choice. With traditional gymnastics training the practices can often extend to more than two times per week. The GIJO is perfect for the gymnasts who have limited time but unlimited love for the sport. Though more workout sessions can be added it is not a requirement to enjoy this program.


Gymnasts in the GIJO program travel to competitions and compete just as the XCEL, AAU, and USAG gymnasts do, however, scoring from judges are less contingent on skill level and technical details, and instead focuses on the child’s expressiveness, confidence level, enjoyment, and commitment to the performance. Each child has a personalized choreographed routine and they are rewarded for their efforts at the competitions. There are approximately four meets or competitions held in the surrounding Chicago suburban clubs. Each gymnast is bound to have a fun experience and they will develop a team building appreciation.